About Crescent

Crescent Processing Company (“Crescent”), located in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 2006, and now provides electronic payment processing services to over 100,000 merchant accounts across the United States. Crescent is a “one-stop” shop for businesses, providing processing services for credit cards, pin-based debit cards, gift cards, checks and electronic signature capture. Crescent is also a full service provider; it sells, underwrites, deploys and activates 100% of its own accounts, provides client services to all of its accounts and does all of its own risk monitoring. The Company has no ISO relationships and has never bought, sold or merged with another merchant portfolio. Crescent has built everything internally!

From its beginning, Crescent recognized gross inefficiencies in the merchant processing sector. Most processing companies support hundreds of different terminals on many different processing platforms. Crescent decided to take a different approach. Crescent invested over $25 million into its business and created a better, more efficient solution for its clients. First and foremost, Crescent provides all of its merchants with all equipment for no additional cost.   By investing more in each client, all of Crescent’s client base use the same terminal at the point of sale, allowing Crescent to provide better and quicker client care. In addition, all of Crescent’s clients are on the same front-end and back-end processing system, which again allows Crescent to more efficiently process for its clients and provide better client services when needed.

Crescent’s sales structure is unique too. Crescent sets over 600 confirmed appointments every day with owners of small and medium sized businesses. Because Crescent believes in face-to-face sales, it also has over 300 independent sales agents across the country that run those 600 appointments every day. Every one of the sales agents has a laptop computer containing a professional sales presentation hosted by Terry Bradshaw, and an electronic application that is filled out in front of the merchant, eliminating all paperwork. Again, by investing more in each sales agent, Crescent puts its sales team in position to succeed! The sales agents upload their completed applications each night to Crescent, and the corporate office takes over from there. Crescent’s sales agents are paid commissions daily, the day immediately following when the sale is closed.

No one else is positioned like Crescent!

  • All merchants use the same terminal
  • All merchants are on the same front-end and back-end processing platform
  • 100% of clients have been internally generated
  • No paper applications
  • Adding over 1,500 new clients every month